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Get rent inspection ready – handy checklist

Posted on July 21, 2017 in Home Designs

Pass your rent inspection with flying colours every time!

These two dreaded words strike fear into the hearts of renters everywhere. They always seem to come at the worst time! Just after you’ve hosted a party or when you’re swamped with work.

Yet as awful as they may be, inspections are a fact of life and getting them right is very important. Maintaining a good relationship with your landlord is vital for a number of reasons. Having a good rental record is crucial when you want to rent (or even buy) other properties in the future, and landlords are much more likely to help you out more quickly with property maintenance work if you’ve made their life easier with great inspections.

WA Housing Centre - Get Rent Inspection Ready

Don’t leave it to the last second

Now no one likes a rent inspection, but luckily with the minimum of 7 days’ notice here in WA, so there’s time to get prepared. Although it is tempting, try not to leave it to the very last minute. Begin with the small tasks and you’ll save yourself rushing around the night before.

We’re all about easy hacks that will have you ticking all the boxes with minimal hard work!

When the average inspection only takes 10 minutes, first impressions really count – If you gain your landlords trust upon entry they’re bound to be less vigilant. Make sure everything is smartly presented on arrival. The porch and front garden are key here, and be sure shoes are tidied away and you shake off the door mat.

A breath of fresh air

Smell is important and easy to fix! A fresh smelling room instantly appears cleaner, so give your furniture a good spray and open your windows for a little air. If you have time and enjoy baking, why not whip up something delicious?


Benchtops and bathroom vanities should be cleared of clutter – that doesn’t mean everything, but popping a few bits into a draw or storage container makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your property.

Suck it up

If you have made a scratch or broken something, it’s not time to start placing plant pots in front or buying a rug to hide it. Unfortunately, you’ll have to accept that accidents happen and hope your landlord puts it down to ‘daily wear and tear’.

Outlined for you

Most properties come with a rental cleaning outline when you move in, landlords are usually using this as guidance, so try and follow it where possible. It also covers all bases – it is so easy to forget simple things in the heat of the moment.

Can’t find your agreement?

If you’ve managed to misplace you rental cleaning outline, these points are good places to start. They might be obvious, but we find a checklist helps make sure you’ve got everything covered. Plus, if you live in a share-house, splitting up the list and designating tasks to each house member is a great way to share the load.

  • Sweep, vacuum or wash your floors
  • Give your skirting boards and window sills a quick wipe down
  • Wipe the inside of cupboards and shelves
  • Remove the build-up of grease from your stove, oven, grill and exhaust fans
  • Dust your light shades and ceiling fans
  • Take out the rubbish
  • Get rid of any hanging cobwebs
  • Wipe down the bathroom, all benchtops and sinks and give your toilet a scrub
  • Clean windows and mirrors where possible
  • Mow, trim and weed your garden
  • Hide away clutter

What your landlord is looking out for

Overall they are looking to make sure the house is clean and tidy and there is no obvious damage, but there are a few things they tend to focus on:

  • That your place is well presented, make a little effort for the place to look tidy and it will go a long way
  • They will check smoke alarms
  • Cobwebs – focus on eaves and your fly screen doors
  • Garden – presentable, not necessarily freshly mowed
  • Kitchen – the oven is cleaned and exhaust fans have been cleaned out
  • Taps and toilets – any leaks?
  • Flooring and walls – checking for stains and general damage, scuffs and holes.
  • Lights – they’ll usually switch all lights on and off to check they’re working.

Got an issue?

Now is the time to raise any problems you’re having – so if your hot tap runs cold or the air-conditioning isn’t working, make sure you make a note and tell your landlord. Not that this always means they’ll get straight onto fixing it, but at least this way it can’t be brought up at a later date.

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