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Simple tricks to make a room look and feel bigger.

Posted on May 25, 2018 in Blog


We all think about kicking back and relaxing in our very own home, with plenty of space to spread out and get comfortable.

But what if your first home is not that expansive three storey you dreamed of? If your living feels a lot less spacious than you’d like, the good news is you can put a few simple tricks into action to create a sense of more space and light.

Your living area or lounge is the area you’ll probably tackle first, as it’s where you spend a lot of time. So follow these space-expanding tips and get your home feeling a whole lot bigger.

Start with a good clear-out.

Too much furniture and too much clutter make any room look smaller. Decide on the furniture that’s worth keeping and the rest should go. Then reduce the number of accessories, plants, and knick-knacks. Too much stuff overpowers a room, and every little thing takes up space.

Light colours are best.

One of the easiest ways to open up a room is to paint the walls in light colours. This creates the feeling of more space and draws light into a room. Think whites and pale neutral shades for your walls, ceiling and even floors. Stick to the same colour scheme for any window treatments like blinds or curtains, as this gives a seamless look so the room appears bigger.

Reflecting space.

Mirrors do a great job of opening up a room, so consider one or more large mirrors on the walls, or even standing, and you’ll extend and even double your space through the illusion it creates. It’s a good idea to place mirrors where they can reflect a view or a window. That way you bring in extra light too.

Storage matters.

Even with a good clear-out, you’ll have some items you want to store. A great idea to maximise space and function is to have furniture that serves more than one purpose, like an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. Floor to ceiling shelves on one wall can create an illusion of height and space. If you have open shelves, colour-code the items on them. It’s a great way to make things look more organised and neat.

Moving the furniture.

This is the easiest trick in the book! Once you’ve cut back to your key pieces of furniture, pull them forward to create space around and behind them. Instead of pushing your furniture against a wall, have ‘breathing space’ around it, and you’ll instantly have the feel of a larger room.

If you can, pick sofas and armchairs that are raised and have their legs showing. This style is generally not as bulky, and it helps create a sense of more space and light. Remember that contrasting colours tend to break up space, so choose furniture that coordinates well with the colour scheme of your walls.

At WA Housing Centre, we offer plenty of inspiration for living in our homes that are designed to feel spacious and welcoming. If you’d like to talk further about your first home dreams, let us show you how we can help you get there. Simply talk to one of our team today or find out if you qualify.