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Remember how renting seemed such a good idea at the time?

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Blog

Perfect renting time

All your mates had rentals. Said they were loving it. They reckoned the rent they were paying was affordable. Even more so for those who were sharing. They all had cool places, some of them in even cooler locations. And the idea of being ‘tied down’ by a mortgage certainly wasn’t for them. It all sounded so good that you decided to do exactly the same.

You liked renting at first. Liked having your own place (even though, actually, it was someone else’s). You liked having your friends round and doing your own thing. You didn’t like all those rent inspections, though. And you didn’t like not being able to any decorating of your own.

And when you were hit with yet another rent increase, well… that was when you finally decided that your mates were, in fact, all wrong.
Renting actually sucked.

Good news! You don’t need to rent any longer

Ready for a bombshell? You can actually build your own place. Now for an even bigger bombshell. In most cases, it’ll probably cost around the same as you’re currently paying towards your landlord’s mortgage. Just imagine it. Your own brand-new home. Designed just the way you want it. A place where you can hang stuff on the wall. Where pets are actually allowed. And where you never have to haggle about getting even a bit of your bond back ever again. Best of all, though, a place where you’re no longer turning your hard-earned wages into ‘dead money’. Instead, this place – every single brick of it – really will be yours. And it will be an investment in your future.

But hold on a minute… what about that little thing called a deposit?

Hook up with WA Housing Centre and you may not even need one right away. That’s because our special partnership with The Loan Company* means we can offer you a home loan that requires absolutely no savings to qualify. At the same time, we can also guide you through the maze of what grants and subsidies you may be entitled to, such as the First Home Owner Grant and Keystart.
You won’t be alone. WA Housing Centre is part of the huge BGC building group and over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of West Australians just like you to get into their first new homes.

Ready to give renting the flick? Best decision you ever made!
Just click here to contact a member of our friendly team. They’ll not only listen carefully to your individual circumstances, they’ll tell you all about the various home buying options available to you right now.

*Finance provided by Harrisdale Pty Ltd t/as The Loan Company (Australian Credit License No 386355).