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Outgrown your share house?

Posted on December 14, 2018 in Blog , First Home Buyer

Outgrown your share house

Living in a share house can be an amazing time of your life, but after a while, it begins to lose its charm and little things that used to not bother you, can build up and get on your nerves. Here are some sure-fire signs that you’ve outgrown the share house lifestyle:

The Dishes

We’ve all been there, you get home from work and there’s a pile of dishes that you didn’t even make, and the worst part is you never get any of the food that was produced alongside the giant mess in your kitchen. But there’s an escape from the share house kitchen treacheries: building your own home. When you build your own home with WA Housing Centre you not only going to own your own place, but you’ll be able to customize the space to your liking – and that means maybe even including a dishwasher – so you’ll never have a dirty sink again.

“Share” house

Sometimes when living in a share house, there are some things you’d rather not share, like that block of top deck chocolate that you bought to treat yourself one night, only to discover you actually treated your flat mates. You only have to get burnt a few times to start having to find hiding places for your treats and things you’d rather not share. But instead of having to remember all your secret hiding spots, you could build your own home and never have to share again.

The Great TP Debate

Forwards or backwards? It is an age-old debate but one with an answer. It’s forwards. Always forwards. And if you don’t believe us here is an extensive article that uses science to prove that you must always put the toilet roll on facing forward. But if your housemate continues to put the toilet roll on backwards, it’s time to move on, and build your own home. With WA Housing Centre you can build your own home with as many bathrooms as you want and the freedom to put the toilet roll on, however you want.


With sharing the house, comes sharing the costs of everything that goes along with the space. It’s not easy making sure everyone puts in their fair share. And chasing your flatmates to get the rent money in every week can be a real challenge. Not to mention the water and electricity bills that come occasionally, and then the debate on “who used $500 worth of electricity in the past 3 months!”. By building your own home, you’ll never have to wonder where all those additional charges are coming from.

If you’re ready to escape the share house trap and experience the freedom of your own home, have a chat to us today to see how we can get you out of a share house and into your very own home. We help people who are renting to build their first homes. We can also check if you qualify for a renting help fund of $10k to help pay some or all your rent while you’re building.