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Need one good reason to get out of renting? Here’s ten!

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Blog

Reason to get out from renting

Ever noticed how, these days, there seems to be a Top Ten list for literally everything?
Your Top Ten movies.
Your Top Ten songs.
Your Top Ten reasons for despising one-eyed Collingwood fans. (That last one, of course, is just a joke; the real list would stretch to Top Twenty.)

But if you’re in a rental property, there is a Top Ten list that you really should give a lot of serious thought to.
And that’s your Top Ten list to getting out of the rental trap and into a home of your own.
To be honest, there’s way, way more than ten reasons. But to help you get started, here’s the ones that would be top of our list.

#1: Landlords love you paying off their mortgage

You work hard all week. You scrimp and you save. And then you give a big chunk of the money you’ve earned to your landlord who, more than likely, then uses it to pay off the mortgage on their home. Ever heard the saying ‘smiling all the way to the bank’? That’s exactly what your landlord is doing right now.

#2: Hands up who loves rent inspections?

The answer? Your landlord. Because (as you probably already know) they can choose to see exactly what you’re up to by running inspections whenever they like. Sure, it’s their right to do so. But even if you keep the place in pristine condition – which we’re sure you do – having that regular invasion of your privacy really can be a pain.

#3: That flowered wallpaper is doing your head in

Not to mention those brown and yellow mosaic tiles in the bathroom. Really? Were those colours ever in? Problem is, when it comes to decorating your rental just as you’d like it, you generally can’t. (You might get away with moving those gnomes in the garden, though.)

#4: The name is Bond: Rent Bond

Oh, now this really will hit a nerve. Because no matter how pristine you keep your rental, no matter how many Magic Sponges you use on the walls, those extremely keen-eyed inspectors will always do their best to withhold some of that very expensive bond you forked out on at the start.

#5: Sorry, no pets allowed

To be fair, this isn’t always the case. Many landlords, however, do forbid pets in their homes. And if yours is one of them, then uploading your favourite Instagram cat photos will just have to wait… for now.

#6: Rent’s up, again!

Just imagine this scenario. Your landlord has his eyes on a fancy new car. He could save extra hard to afford it. Then again, he could just put up your rent. What do you reckon he’ll do?

#7: Nothing to see here

Unfortunately, renting a house really is dead money as far as your future is concerned. That’s because you are contributing towards your landlord’s property… and not your own. So when it comes to having an asset for you and your family, there literally is nothing to see here.

#8: Instead of being for lease, your place is now for sale

There’s absolutely nothing to stop your landlord deciding to sell the house you are living in. Which is fair enough – they do own the property after all. And if that does happen, you’ll be facing the whole process of finding a new property, new bond, new everything, all over again. With sales comes home opens, meaning you need to keep the place tidy and clean at a moment’s notice!

A stress you don’t need on top of everything else.
Plus, the fact that some landlords will have a ‘home open’ every day of the week, and you need to keep the house tidy and clean for when that happens!

#9: That leak still needs fixing

How long has it been since you reported it? Two weeks or more? Even the best landlords can take ages to fix repairs. Sounds like another night putting up with the sound of that dripping tap.

#10: It’s yours, all yours

Yep, you guessed it… we saved the best reason till last. When you build your own place, instead of renting, it really is yours. Yours to decorate just how you want it. Yours to hang your favourite pictures on the walls. Yours to have as many pets running around in as you wish. Yours to take pride in. And ultimately, yours to call home.

Has this given you enough reasons to talk to WA Housing Centre? We hope so.

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