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5 Tips For A Warmer Home This Winter

Posted on June 2, 2017 in First Home Buyer , Home Design

Tips for a warmer home this winter by WA Housing Centre

The winter chill is slowly creeping in and it’s fast becoming that time of year where we rug up, get out the pumpkin soup recipes and update our home décor to suit!

Everyone loves a warm and comfy space for winter, so we’ve listed a few simple yet effective ways to transform your home into a cosy haven while the cool wind whips outside.

1. Add some fuzz!

Winter Accessory by WA Housing CentreThis is all about softening the room and creating a comfy zone for winter months. Simply lay a rug under your coffee table – cold tiles are not the way forward! Add cushions and a throw to your furnishings… time to turn your couch into a bed. It doesn’t take much, and with some great, wallet-friendly shops full of contemporary home decor selections, you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you’re really committed, sheer curtains are a great way to keep the warmth in and add texture – plus there are plenty of stunning, yet savvy options out there.

2. Use colours to create your mood

Interior by WA Housing CentreColours are more important than you may think. They influence our mood and feelings subliminally. Using natural coloured tones, like beige, latte-browns, and apricot shades will create more of a warm and cosy environment. It’s time to avoid blues, greys, and too much white, as they have the opposite effect. So keep these colours in mind while picking out your new pallet for winter. If you think you have everything else on point, why not give your walls a new lease of life with a lick of paint? You don’t need to go all-out, a feature wall could be the perfect solution.

3. Lighting

Living room decor by WA Housing CentreIf creating a relaxing ambience is your ambition, you’ll want to have a look at your lighting. The ideal lighting temperature for a warm feel is around 2000-3000K (Kelvin). This means the light produces more of an orange light rather than a blue light – so swap out those bulbs and add some fairy lights! Next, candles! Not only do candles set a relaxing mood, and even add warmth, you can also choose your favourite scent. Even if it’s just one or two candles burning away on a buffet table, a little goes a long way.

4. Make a fire

Exterior by WA Housing CentreWhether you’re inside or outside, lighting a fire is a great way to keep warm and get that real cosy feeling, rather than just switching on the reverse cycle. So either light up your fireplace or look into investing in an electric one.

Still love entertaining outdoors despite the chill? Why not add a couple of patio heaters to ease that breeze, or better yet a fire pit? There’s nothing quite like watching the flames and hearing the fire crackle.

5. Bring the entertainment to you.

Firepit by WA Housing CentreNo one wants to get caught in the rain out at dinner, but with your new irresistible winter setting, why not bring your friends and family to you? It’s the perfect time to have family and friends over for a roast, or toasted marshmallows. The only problem is, they might never want to leave… good thing you turned your couch into a bed!

For some home decor inspiration, why not visit one of our stunning display homes, or ask our helpful team for some tips – they’re always keen to get creative!

You’re now ready to beat the winter chill without breaking the bank!