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Struggling to save for a deposit? Not anymore. Here’s some tips to help get you into your first home sooner.

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Blog

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What do you reckon is the one thing that scares people more than anything else?

Huntsman spiders? A visit to the dentist? The in-laws arriving unannounced?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

According to psychologists, surveys about our fears commonly show public speaking to be top of the list. Talking in front of a group, it appears, sparks real anxieties about rejection.

We don’t want to be embarrassed. And we certainly don’t want to be judged. Which brings us, in a roundabout way, to the question of home deposits. A big fear, shared it seems by many first home buyers, is that they’ll never be able to save enough of a deposit to start building a home of their own. Now, though, thanks to WA Housing Centre, that particular fear is well and truly gone.

No deposit? No problem

Saving a deposit for your first new home is never easy – particularly when you’ve got so many other bills to pay. Most banks don’t seem to see it that way, though, and often require as much as $30,000 genuine savings.

Thankfully, WA Housing Centre is different. That’s because, through our partnership with The Loan Company, we can offer you a home loan that requires absolutely no savings to qualify.

Need to read that again?

Absolutely no savings to qualify.

And what if you have managed to save towards a deposit? What happens then? Needless to say, we can help there too. In fact, we offer a range of low-deposit finance solutions that can be tailored exactly to your individual needs.

Ready to talk? We are

Just click here to contact a member of our friendly team. We’re happy to discuss all the options available to you … including things like qualifying for the First Home Owners Grant and any stamp duty concessions that may apply.

The only thing we can’t help with is your fear of spiders. That, rest assured, will never go away.