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Hands up those who have no idea how to get into WA’s housing market.

Posted on August 22, 2018 in Blog

Questionnaire time

Now, if you happen to be reading this with your arm stretched out into the air, don’t worry.

If they’re being honest with themselves, there’ll be plenty of other people doing exactly the same.

Because let’s face it, how do you actually find out about this kind of stuff? It’s not something they ever taught at school. (Come to think of it, they probably should have; it would have come in far handier than all that algebra and trigonometry you’re guaranteed to have forgotten by now.)

And while there will always be well-meaning mates who are more than willing to share their experience and offer their advice, you’ll actually be way better off talking to people who actually know everything you should… and a whole lot more.

At WA Housing Centre, we are those people. We get that you’d love to have your own place, but that you’re not exactly sure where to begin. Which is exactly where we come in.

Remember the six Ps

Actually, given this is a blog, we’d better call them the five P’s: Previous Planning Prevents a Poor Performance.
Basically, this means getting yourself a plan from the start. Plan where you want to live. Plan what kind of house you want to live in. Most important of all, plan how much you can afford to spend.
Get this bit right, set yourself a target date when you want it to happen (and a savings target to help make it happen) and you’ll already be well on your way.

To buy or to build

You’re going to hear lots of differing opinions on this. And to be fair, each have their merits.
At WA Housing Centre, of course, we’re firmly in the ‘build’ camp. Here are just a few reasons why.

Nothing beats new.

New walls, new flooring, new roof, new plumbing, new everything. This is what you get when you build. It’s definitely what you don’t get when you buy.
The design of your choice, not someone else’s. At WA Housing Centre, we offer a wide range of affordable home designs, including home and land packages, to suit literally every lifestyle and budget.

Stamp Duty concessions.

When you build your first home, you are exempt from paying Stamp Duty on your land up to $300,000.

Choose your builder… very carefully indeed

Why? Because despite what they may try to tell you, not all builders are the same. And not all can be guaranteed to deliver what they promise.
As part of the huge BGC group, every WA Housing Centre home is built to the highest standard, using only the very best materials. And every home we build comes with a no-quibble structural guarantee for life.

Now, hands up those who’d like to build with WA Housing Centre? If this includes you, and if you’d to find out how we can get you into your first home from $255* per week, click here to talk to a member of our friendly team.

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