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Home design considerations – first home buyers, there’s no reason to be scared

Posted on January 10, 2017 in First Home Buyer , Home Design

Home design considerations – first home buyers, there’s no reason to be scared by WA Housing Centre

First home buyer? Here are a few things to consider when choosing your floorplan and mapping out your first home…

Whether you’re adapting a pre-existing floorplan, trying to pick between a vast selection, or you’re building from scratch, there are three main considerations you should think about as a first home buyer.

Tailored to suit you

Your home design will have a large impact on your future, so you want to get it right. Why not get help from the experts to make your decision process as streamlined as possible? We’ll help tailor your home to your specific needs before selecting a home design to suit your family and block.

Major factors to consider:

Your lifestyle

First and foremost, your new home needs to fit your lifestyle – but it should also fit your anticipated lifestyle or future plans. A home is an important investment, and you want to make sure it will continue to meet your needs as your life progresses.

Whether you have a family, or are planning on expanding yours soon, bear that in mind. Be sure to review the number and placement of bedrooms, and make sure they meet your needs, or if there is opportunity to expand the home later down the line.

If you love being outside, and want a large garden, a smaller home and bigger alfresco area might be better suited to you – make maximum use of your entire block depending.

Do you love to entertain? Choose a home that offers plenty of space for friends and family – whether they’re just coming over for dinner, or staying the whole week!

The placement of your lot

Many people overlook this step, but it can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your home. Talk to your builder about which direction your home will face, and how it will sit on the lot.

This will affect how much sun your home gets, since north facing rooms will receive a lot more. The direction your home faces, combined with the placement of the windows in your design, will also have an impact on how much privacy you have from the neighbours.

Remember, making the most out of the Western Australian climate will also effect your overall carbon footprint and energy bills, meaning you could save money in the long-term by getting your orientation right. Not forgetting the design of your lot could change the floorplan you choose, as to whether you need front or rear parking.

Possible Restrictions

It’s important to ask about restrictions. Many suburbs have local restrictions, or covenants that must be followed. Your builder can help you understand these restrictions, and decide whether they affect your home design.

Common restrictions or covenants include: types of building materials that must be uses, exterior design, easements, fees or assessments used to maintain roads or sewers, and even restrictions on home-based businesses.

If you still feel unsure, why not talk to our expert team to find out more information, or to get a better understanding of what our finished home designs look like, visit one of our display homes? We’ve got a huge selection of home designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find a floorplan to match your style, budget and requirements!