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What’s the plan – know your suburb

Posted on January 21, 2017 in Finance

What’s the plan – know your suburb by WA Housing Centre

Choosing an area that isn’t yet built up? Make sure you check what else the surrounding land is going to be used for and whether there are plans for development. Depending on commercial or industrial activity and road construction, there could be high noise levels and general disruption to your living, but you could greatly benefit long-term.

What the future holds

Whether you pick your builder first or your land first is up to you, and both have their benefits. So if you’ve chosen your homebuilder, have no fear – they often build in many areas around Western Australia, so you’re sure to find a selection of suburbs that suit your family and your budget.

Quality improvements

Firstly, what do you want from your location? If shops, the freeway, NBN connections or public transport are important to you, then check whether they are already in the area, or planned for the future. The Department of Planning has statewide responsibility for the planning for future communities and plays a vital role in improving the quality of your lifestyle.

How your council are involved

It’s time to check with the local council and the Department of Planning for details of the facilities and amenities planned for the area, such as schools and parks, as well as details of any restrictions on building on the property. Your builder should have all this information, but for specific details and a better understanding, the council can provide everything you need.

It’s easy to access planning schemes, codes, legislation, policies, forms and information sheets online.

Your health is important

Don’t forget to also check out health and environmental issues and requirements related to planning and developing in your favourite Perth locations. Information on specific soils, asbestos, noise, pollution and sustainable building design is also all available.

Results – both good and bad

Remember, future plans can have cons as well as the pros long-term and they may affect when you plan to move into your new home, and could have numerous repercussions on the future. Make sure your pros outweigh your cons below.


  • Possible new transport links
  • Your property value could increase
  • You may get access to more local amenities
  • Further benefits for future family plans – schools, doctors etc
  • More activities in your local surroundings.


  • Sound pollution/noise levels during build, whether it be commercial or residential
  • Increase in local population
  • Busier roads or increase in traffic
  • May decrease in property value
  • Could change the feel/atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

Know exactly what you’re getting

As long as you know what changes the area will be going through and that it will work in your favour long-term, then it is usually a safe bet. Why not take a look at the locations of our house and land packages, or visit one of our display homes and get to know the area a little better?