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No deposit, no problem.

Posted on January 15, 2017 in Finance , First Home Buyer , Home Design

No deposit, no problem by WA Housing Centre

Our ‘No savings’ and ‘low deposit’ home loans offer an easier way to get you into your first home sooner!

With many first home buyers struggling to come up with the hefty deposit required to secure a home loan, due to getting stuck in the rent trap that makes saving for your new home increasingly difficult, The WA Housing Centre decided there must be another way.

Previously, the majority of lenders required up to a 10% deposit, which is likely to be out of reach for first home buyers looking at an average home and land package of around $350,000.

That’s why WA Housing Centre has teamed up with The Loan Company to offer a No Deposit* solution, where home buyers pay next to nothing upfront on a home and land package!

Backed by the strength of BGC and by leveraging the strong relationships with local land developers, The WA Housing Centre are offering this fantastic opportunity to own your dream home, without all the stress of saving.

It’s time to look at purchasing as a positive!

Saving for a home deposit can be difficult for a variety of reasons. If you’re renting, it can be hard to have any money left over after paying your rent and bills for the month. Or, if you’ve just transitioned from studying full time into full time employment, it’s tough to save the significant amount usually required for a home loan.

With the WA housing market showing positive signs, and the many financial advantages being offered by both builders and the government, it’s a great opportunity to get into a new home. With the First Home Owners Grant increase by $5,000 (only available until June 30th 2017), Keystart criteria changes, and all time low interest rates – there’s never been a better time to buy!

The team at The WA Housing Centre are focussed on helping West Australians escape the rent cycle and own a brand new home of their own, so we are constantly working on new ideas and solutions to make it easier to do so.

We’re here to help, so you can choose from our entire range of homes and house and land packages, and we’ll make sure your deposit is covered. Our range includes a selection of three or four bedroom designs with front or rear parking options.

Additionally, there is a selection of homesites north and south of Perth where you pay minimum deposit to secure the land for your home. Areas such as Baldivis, Newhaven in Harrisdale, Wellard, Aveley plus some areas in the WA’s South West are included too – so get in touch to find out more.

Buying a new home is very exciting, but it’s also one of the biggest commitments a family can ever make, so we want to make the process faster and less stressful by taking away any additional stress.

We are dedicated to creating a home and land package that’s just right for your lifestyle. So get in touch – without a doubt, now is the time to choose your dream home