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Money Savvy Tips and Tricks for First Home Buyers

Posted on May 12, 2017 in Finance

Money Savvy Tips and Tricks by WA Housing Centre

With the First Home Owners Grant, no and low deposit loans available, and a wide-range of finance solutions, buying your first home has never been easier. But what comes next?

Whether your new home is mid-build, you’re planning for the future, or you simply want to make your house a home, saving is an essential part before the big move. There are lots of things to think about once you settle – finishes, furnishings, landscaping, white goods, lighting… but don’t get overwhelmed. We’ve put together some money savvy tips to take into consideration while you build.

Don’t let it all add up

Start saving and begin planning the key pieces and elements that are essential for moving into your new home! It should be an exciting time, where you’re looking forward to the future, not being stuck indoors with nothing to do due to saving!

It’s time to get creative

Saving money shouldn’t mean ridding all the fun in your life, but if you want to have enough money together to have your new home ready when you get handed the keys, it might be time to tighten the purse strings.

Having fun doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune – why not try swapping your regular routine for a few of the following tricks and if you stick it out, you’ll soon be watching your savings account rise.

Dine-in – allow your living room to become your very own restaurant

Not only is it great fun to throw a dinner party every now and then, but bulk cooking is also far better value. Either pick a theme and everyone bring a dish, or take it in turns to host between friends and cook up a storm! A bottle of wine and a home-cooked meal is often better than wining and dining out, and is a fraction of the cost! So get out your calendar and schedule in a few dates with friends to make sure you all take it in turns – Mexican, Italian, American… which will you choose?

Why not take a look at a few of these delicious, yet budget friendly recipes for inspiration:

Free festivals and events

There are so many pop-up events, street festivals and days out that you can enjoy without spending a fortune. Many events are totally free, with the local council putting on so much for all the family. So whether you’d enjoy a movie night, live music or comedy, Perth city has it all happening!

Pack a picnic and put on your walking shoes…

A hike in the hills, a day at the beach, or an evening watching the stars – Mother Nature doesn’t charge for her beauty, so why not make the most of it?  Just get out and enjoy your surroundings – have a look at what’s in season this month.

Enjoy a well-earned holiday

Holidaying doesn’t have to cost the earth, and after successfully signing for your first home, surely a celebration is in order? With the beautiful West Australian National Parks and beaches at your doorstep, there are so many spots to enjoy on a budget. It’s time to avoid expensive flights and fancy accommodation and go back to basics. Renting a chalet, or packing up the tent is an ideal way to explore your surroundings and get away from the city for a weekend.

Take a look at WA’s Top Ten Camping Spots


If there’s an event you really want to go to, but can’t really afford a ticket, volunteering for the event or organisation is a great thing to do, and allows you to give back to the community while you do so.

Online ordering

Consider ordering your shopping, gifts and groceries online – often we pick up bargains if they are there in front of us, so cut out the temptation, grab your list and click away… Plus, if you aren’t in a huge hurry to purchase a certain product, keep an eye out for offers and discount vouchers, a great way to be the first to hear about these is to follow businesses on social media, or sign up to their email database. You can also often avoid shipping costs if the online shop has a physical store, simply select to pick-up your item, or again, get a free shipping voucher by being savvy online.

So, why not give some of these ideas a go and see if you can get back on track when it comes to saving? The next few months don’t need to be dull, there’s so many savvy things you can enjoy while still keeping your money heading in the right direction.

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