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When is the best time to buy a property?

Posted on November 16, 2017 in Blog , Finance

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Trying to get a definitive answer as to when the best time to buy property seems impossible. So it’s time to cut through the noise – the best time to buy is now!

It’s understandable that potential buyers (like yourself!) are hesitant to take the leap into property ownership. Getting into the market now will ensure that you can get a great deal on a home in your ideal location. Also, WA is offering is offering the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) where first home buyers looking to build are eligible for a $10,000 grant- but hurry, we don’t know how long this will be around for!

But while the FHOG is still available and interest rates are low, there is lots of industry competition working in your favour meaning that now really is the time to build the home of your dreams.

Record low interest rates
It’s no secret that interest rates are low right now – it’s all over the news and hard to miss! The good news is that low interest rates mean savings for you. When your interest rate is lower, your monthly repayments are lower which can:

  • Give you more financial flexibility
  • Give you the chance to make extra repayments on your mortgage,
  • Get you ahead of your repayments (less money owing on your loan = reduced repayments)
  • Get into your own home from as little as $230 a week!

Long wait to move in? Think Again!
For brand new, single storey homes the industry standard build time is 24 weeks. Due to increased availability of tradesmen, tradeswomen and products you can expect to get into your new home sooner than you may have imagined.

Get the best deal
With an endless supply of home builders in Perth all fighting for your attention, now is the time to take advantage of this and get the best deal possible. Buyers have never had so many desirable benefits such as:

  • Getting into an in-demand suburb that is closer to the city
  • Getting better inclusions
  • Never before seen low prices

One of the options is a Home and Land Package
At WA Housing Centre we’ve done our research and know what people come to expect when they’re building their home. Our range of Home and Land packages have been created to suit different buyers and budgets.

Thanks to the current market you’re also able to build the perfect home in the perfect suburb closer to the CBD than previous years.

From three beds or four, a big backyard or a smaller one, there’s a design readily available for you. With our most desirable homes starting at $230 a week, we have made it even easier to build your home with our No Deposit, No Problem attitude. We work with you and our lending partners to get you into your home, even with a small deposit!

Plus if that wasn’t interesting enough, all of our houses are built using phenomenal quality products and building techniques provided by one of the biggest WA builders, BGC.

If you’re still not convinced that the best time to buy is now, have a look at our Home and Land Packages here or get in touch with us for a chat.